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Vegetarian's delight - Beered tofu taco + kimchee

WTH is that you say? While reading the recipe found from alittlebitcrunchyalittlebitrock (holy crap that domain is long...), I had all the ingredients already in the fridge and thought I'd give it a try.

When I arrived home I realized that I didn't have any BBQ sauce, but there's some A1 sauce so I improvised. Beer wise I had an imperial pumpkin ale, russian imperial stout, fat tire and a few 750ml bottles of really good beer which I wasn't going to pop open as marinate.

I picked the russian imperial stout because the flavor is intense and the malt should caramelize nicely (higher the ABV, more the sugar).

I had firm (not extra firm as called for in the original recipe) tofu. I didn't have time to let it dry for an hour and half so instead I used (at least) 10 sheets of paper towels to hand dry this block. Then I used half a bottle of beer and about 4 tablespoons of the A1 sauce to make the marinate.
Let it sit for about an hour and it's grill time. Ok, I didn't have a grill as the original recipe intended, up to this point a lot has been improvised, why not the grill. I do, however, have a stove top, so I pan seared it. Added some cherry tomatoes. Make sure to drip/brush in more marinate as it's being seared, that will help brown and caramelize the tofu even more.
The tofu caramelized nicely. I did a quick stir fry with some chopped green onions and diced garlic, toasted the corn tortillas and topped it with kimchee.


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