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In the name of Harry Potter, out goes eggnog, in comes butterbeer

Butterbeer is the drink of choice for younger wizards, though it exists way before Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series. There are many variations of the recipe, this one traces back over 300 years.
Original Buttered Beer Recipe 1664 from historicalfoods.com:
From Robert May, ‘The Accomplisht Cook’, first published 1664 Buttered Beer.
Take beer or ale and boil it, then scum it, and put to it some liquorish and anniseeds, boil them well together; then have in a clean flaggon or quart pot some yolks of eggs well beaten with some of the foresaid beer, and some good butter; strain your butter’d beer, put it in the flaggon, and brew it with the butter and eggs

Buttered Beer or Ale otherways.

Boil beer or ale and scum it, then have six eggs, whites and all, and beat them in a flaggon or quart pot with the shells, some butter, sugar, and nutmeg, put them together, and being well brewed, drink it when you go to bed.


Take three pints of beer or ale, put five yolks of eggs to it, strain them together, and set it in a pewter pot to the fire, put to it half a pound of sugar, a penniworth of beaten nutmeg, as much beaten cloves, half an ounce of beaten ginger, and bread it.
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