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Beer face wash

Yes, drinking beer and all that alcohol can dehydrate you. But what about washing your face with it? The word on the street says that beer has nourishing effect on skin.

According to an article on TruthInAging.com, women have used beer for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes since ancient Egypt. Now, studies have confirmed that beer sediment (brewer’s yeast) can help improve the symptoms of acne by slowing down sebum production and killing off the bacteria that triggers acne.

Brewer’s yeast is made up of micro-organisms called saccaromyces cereviseae, which thrive on the skin’s surface. Because they are asexual, these tiny organisms can proliferate up to 24 new cells at a time, thus leaving no opportunity for acne-friendly bacteria to take hold on the skin’s surface. A trial conducted in 2006 at Munich University found that a skin preparation containing young brewer’s yeast cells dramatically improved the skin of acne sufferers within three weeks. -- End article.

Apparently, applying beer topically can clear up your complexion, treat dry flakes, and smooth texture. It's important to note that Brewer's yeast is a good source of B-complex vitamins but, contrary to some claims, it contains little or no vitamin B12.
I didn't find any recommendations for what type of beer to use or whether I can use it straight out of the bottle, but I will start trying to wash ONE side of a dry patch of skin with wheat beer. Let's see how that goes?


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After reading about it I poured beer directly onto my scalp, ran it to the ends of my hair, and let it set for about 15 minutes. Next, I washed it as usual. The results were terrific. My scalp was clean and my hair was resilient. Within a week I followed up with a coconut oil and honey hair mask, directly on scalp and then pulled to ends of hair and waited 20 minutes. Then I washed my hair without adding additional conditioners nor hair products. Volume was splendid. I didn't need any hair mask for a long time after it. Normally I use natural ingredient masks that are from Sally's Beauty Supplies and the two-step treatment I described above worked just as good! It also added a few extra results like more shine and cleanliness with boosted volume! (And, the honey brings out any natural highlights as well as adds a little natural blonde tint.)

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